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I’ve been doing the personal shopping nearly as long as I’ve had this blog. My personal shopping service works like this:

1) Use the PayPal button below to purchase my shopping service. In the comments area, you tell me what you’re looking for, in specific terms, including sizes, colors, styles, number of pieces, price range, any preferences in terms of payment options (Do you like/dislike paying via PayPal, by check, etc.) and any other concerns/issues you feel are relevant. Don’t worry if you forget something, as I will contact you if I need more information or clarification!

2) I shop for you, using the parameters you included, and then I email you with a list of links, stores, product names, etc. from which you decide what you’d like to purchase. This is a shopping service only; I do not purchase any items.

Fine Print: I cannot promise you the results you wish (though in all these years, I’ve yet to have a complaint!), nor can I be responsible for the garments you purchase or your experience with the companies/sellers involved.

The basic rate for this service is $10. If you are specifically looking for vintage lingerie, there’s an additional $10 fee due to the time required to sort through sizing in such rare pieces. (In the case of rare vintage pieces, or unusual requests, the amount of time necessary to find what you wish may be much longer. In those cases, I will be in touch about any additional time and compensation required.)

Are you looking for vintage lingerie?


Questions & Requests For A Slip Of A Girl

If you simply have a question for me, would like help with lingerie history research, or would like to request an article to be posted here at A Slip Of A Girl, you may do so easily by using the donation button.

1) Donate $10 (or more, if you wish) and make your request and/or ask your question in the comments area. Please let me know if you’d like this to remain completely private between you; or, if you’d like this to be shared at the blog, if you have a website you’d like to linked to, etc.

Like the personal shopping, if your request requires me to invest a lot more time, I may need to request a larger amount to cover my time. I hope you understand, but if it were as easy as two minutes spent with Google, you’d hardly need me, now would you? I will let you know if this will be an issue as quickly as possible and I’m certain we will be able to reach a satisfactory compromise in terms of dollars and research that makes sense. *wink*


(Remember to send me a message with your donation!)

Please note, if you have a very personal question or intimate subject to discuss, you’ll need to take that business elsewhere. I thank you for your understanding that explicit adult conversations will not occur here.

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