I’d like to just say, “I love lingerie — especially vintage lingerie!” and let the blog itself do the rest of the talking, but my blogging mentor won’t let me leave it at that. *wink* So here I am, five years into blogging, trying to find something to say about myself…


Here’s the short & sweet story:

I’m a mom, but still a woman. I’m a feminist, but still a flirty female. As a survivor of domestic violence, I opt to remain relatively private in terms of name, location, and other identifiers.

Want to know more? Here’s the long (really long!) story about me & this blog:

I’ve loved lingerie as long as I — or my Mother — can remember. But, like most women, I’ve had a complicated love affair with lingerie…

No other garment connects the private to the public, either in terms of body image and interpersonal relationships or societal expectations and cultural connotations — which is to say that for every small personal issue with lingerie, there’s generally a larger construct connected to it. Exploring lingerie, past and present, is to explore what it means to be female; enjoying lingerie is to face what it means to be a feminist head-on.

In short, I continue to search for what I call a “functional romance” in lingerie (and fashion itself; but since intimate apparel is the foundation of fashion…).

On the other, less esoteric hand, there are practical matters regarding the lingerie industry…

There are issues of quality and sizing; both need to improve. These are monetary matters, both at the personal and corporate levels: How much are we willing to pay? Given my education and professional experience working in retail, merchandising, and marketing, I realize these things are not quite as simple as cost of goods or even the old “law of supply and demand”; there are cultural issues at work here.

And so we head back to the first point about the complicated story of lingerie.

Which is why this blog has not gotten boring for me over all these years. Frankly, even if I gave up doing the shopping posts (which would be difficult for this lingerie lover to do!) and just stuck to the “issues” regarding lingerie, I’m not sure this blog would ever end…

And so here we are.

Overall, I’d say my mission with A Slip Of A Girl is:

To improve the quality of intimate apparel;

To foster an understanding and acceptance of lingerie, including its healthy role in sexuality;

To hang out chatting with other lingerie lovers, and those curious about lingerie.

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