Vintage Allure Lingerie Collection Is, Well, Neither Vintage Nor Very Alluring

In what appears to be a bit of a bungle, Exposed by Magic Silk put out a press release on their new lingerie collection, Vintage Allure. Sites such as YNOT took the bait today and published a news story on the vintage lingerie style — including a link to the company’s website. However, the lingerie company, has no links or information on the new collection — nor does a website search for Vintage Allure present anything.

At first glance, this might be disappointing. Reading the YNOT story, a vintage lingerie loving girl could get excited:

Magic Silk’s new Vintage Allure collection — demure, but with a naughty edge — evokes nostalgia for days gone by even as it steps boldly into contemporary lingerie culture.

And the photo shown is enticing…

It’s the photo that provides the only breadcrumb, gives us the only clue, on the company’s website — for that image is used there, but simply links to a pic used on the corporate Instagram posted three months ago, and mentioned as part of the 2017 collection (but, it should be noted, is not listed in the company’s 2017 catalog).

The image is lovely; and the lingerie does have a bit of vintage flair. …Even if, in my opinion, it is a rather generic vintage lingerie type look, which Exposed by Magic Silk has produced before…

But the nails in the coffin on this new lingerie collection lies in the last paragraph of the admittedly short PR post:

Five different styles are available: corset and panty, bra, waist-cincher and panty, baby doll and G-string, and split-crotch mini-shorts. All are available in sizes S/M, L/XL and Queen.

One can debate whether or not to consider G-strings and “split-crotch mini-shorts” as “vintage” (certainly G-strings have been around since the glory days of burlesque; and crotchless panties are decades old too), but while I’ve nothing against sexy lingerie (in fact, I get in trouble all the time for being “too sexy” in terms of running a lingerie blog), calling something “split crotch” isn’t exactly the demure nostalgia of this girl’s dreams.

Perhaps I am a bit jaded. Perhaps I should not be surprised or disappointed; after all, none of Exposed by Magic Silk lingerie contains any silk.

However, I don’t think any real vintage lingerie lover or consumer of quality lingerie for that matter can be content with the lingerie sizing. It has we lingerie lovers reconsidering the photos, re-imagining the lingerie itself… Not just how it will actually fit on non-photoshopped women, but wondering (with wrinkled nose!) about the actual lingerie pieces themselves… Do you want to even touch them? I do not!

Technically, with three sizes, this collection isn’t “one size fits all” or even “one size fits most.” But we all know that overly-elasticized-skimp-in-baggies-and-boxes when we see it… You know, those little boxed bits sold at roadside adult super store warehouses, the lingerie sold at giant online sex toy shops… That’s exactly what Exposed Magic Silk lingerie is. It’s not day ware or even play ware; it’s cheap disposable ware.

We lingerie lovers and fetishists know it when we see it.

When you see it, it may thrill you. After all, this is the very sizing the company has used to great success. The company has been awarded Lingerie Company of The Year by XBIZ (in 2015 & 2017); so, clearly, the sales are there.

But wherever that “there” is, is it not the place I dream to be.

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