Finding Madam Roza

Last week, friend of the blog & phone sex expert, Lynn*, posted this delicious photo of a model wearing white lace lingerie.

Lynn also asked for some help in identification.

While I’ve no progress to report in terms of the name of the pretty model, I can report that this definitely is from the Róża lingerie company, a renowned Polish manufacturer of premium lingerie.

As a European lingerie company, it can be difficult for those of us in the USA to purchase Roza lingerie pieces; however, Ennia carries the complete Roza line.

However, this photo is from promotional materials of the Madam collection. And the Madam line by Roza debuted in 2010, which means specific pieces — such as the incredible stockings (which are more like harem-style lace leggings!) — are near-impossible to find. The panties, however, can still be found at Ennia Lingerie. (The panties were made a few years longer; even spotted them in the 2016 catalog; but I did not find any other Madam pieces.)

Along with the Ennia lingerie shop, you can occasionally find pieces of Roza lingerie on Amazon.

* Lynn also runs Phone Sex Secrets; so if you are looking for some help as an independent PSO, well, that’s where you go!

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