The Provocative Promotional Power Of Lingerie

Over at Sex Kitten, Gracie mentioned how important lingerie is in terms of marketing escort and other sex work services. The fact that the majority of sex workers promote their services via photographs of themselves posing in lingerie is yet another example of the erotic power of intimate apparel.

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For while escorts and others may offer “complete services” — which no doubt includes wearing nothing while doing (just about) everything, these women do not pose completely nude. And it’s not just because of limitations or regulations regarding ads. (We know this because there are plenty of websites which would offer or allow advertisements featuring nude photos of women!) But rather savvy sex workers know that posing in lingerie is far more enticing than nudes.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: The provocative power of lingerie lies, equally, in what it reveals and what it keeps hidden. This allows the viewer the delight of wondering just what is yet to be revealed… Whether your lover is a paid date or not, this is a strong invitation, right? Right.

Image credits: Perth escorts & Brisbane escorts — and they illustrate my points exactly, don’t they? *wink*

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