Here, Kitty, Kitty… Cat Knee Highs!

So you love over-the-knee socks and adore cats, do you? Well, check these out!

fake cat stockings tights from Japan

Straight out of Japan, these black cat knee highs have cute faces and Nekomimi (cat ears) on the front — with big pink bows and tails on the back. But there’s a twist!

These are fake knee highs! The cat socks or stockings are actually tights!

The above knee tights style has been made popular in Japan thanks to a additional popularity of short skirts, often seen in the trendy locations in Tokyo and Osaka, such as Harajuku. The stocking region is 4x thicker than the top of the stockings, so they look and feel like real stockings, but are warmer and will never fall down. These over-knee socks are great for fans of the popular zettai ryoiki (Absolute Zone) look from Tokyo.

This, of course, is more practical with short skirts — especially with the arrival of cool weather. But this design also allows the cute kitty ears and tails to stand up and display properly without any muss or fuss.

This is the pink version; also available in solid black cat and black bunny versions. It’s great there are so many styles because when you buy two or more pairs of any Japanese socks you’ll save 10%!

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