5 Fav Fall Finds For Glamour Girls

Technically, this is the first day of Fall — even if some of us are not feeling the season changes yet. However,  as every glamour girl needs a few more things than pumpkin flavored muffins to keep her warm & her spirits lifted, I’ve compiled a list of Autumn Must Haves.

#1 & #2 Changes in temperature mean changes in your home’s atmosphere — and Fall means the slow march to the dehydration of heated homes and cold, arid outdoors. Now is the time to think of your skin. Since Curvy Couture discontinued their body care line (insert weeping and sobbing here *sniffle*), I had to go & search for another relaxing spa line… After much searching and many disappointing trails, I eventually discovered NYR’s Beauty Sleep Body Butter just in time for the cold weather snap!

NYR Organic Beauty Sleep Body Butter

This is admittedly is a rather intense moisturizing experience, requiring some effort to rub it into the skin — but it is so not one of those overnight body butters that leaves you, well, buttery in terms of needing to wrap all your skin tightly to prevent oozing onto the sheets. (That’s fine for feet; a simple pair of socks, if you must. But I’d prefer not to give up my pretty lingerie in order to pamper my skin!) This product eaves your skin absolutely lovely!

Also, to maintain kissable soft lips, I swear by the powers of LaNatura’s Organic Shea Butter Lip Balms. There are a multitude of sweet treats to choose from in this vegan and gluten free lip moisturizer line, as well as a fragrance free option.

#3 A snuggle blanket is a necessity. And I’ve discovered the most glam throw blanket of all! It’s the Dian Austin Couture Home Stately Elegance Faux-Fur Throw.


Sadly, I do not get to keep this; my brother in law had it sent to me as a gift to surprise my sister with this holiday. (Don’t worry, this is not a spoiler as neither of them know this is my blog!) But now that I’ve run my fingers over this beauty, I covet this cover so much! It has all the beauty & sensual delights of fine fur! The price tag is high too… But Restoration Hardware has faux fur throws also, and at cheaper prices. However, I have not run my fingers over any of those, so who knows if they feel as grand?

#4 Scream Queens: It may seem odd to put a TV show on my list of favorite Fall things, but if you saw the debut of Scream Queens last you might know why. Nothing combines Halloween & glamour like this show! Plus it’s funny! If you didn’t see it, let me tell you it’s like a glamorous version of American Horror Story — only not quite… Where American Horror Story (also a fav of mine) exploits terror in an artistic way, Scream Queens offers more humor while taking a bite out of today’s culture (and gives a huge nostalgic nod to the 90s). Scream Queens is a mashup of movie classics such as Heathers, Halloween, The House Bunny, & Clueless.  In it, a troop of fabulously dressed Mean Girls, living in a beautiful luxurious fantasy sorority house, are stuck in a world of horror movie tropes, delivering a feast of fun. Yes, there are some fear-filled and even gory moments. But that’s just another reason to cuddle up on the couch.

glam ScreamQueens

#5 In Scream Queens they make fun of a nerdy girl for her candle blog — which was pretty funny stuff, actually. But still, I don’t want to fall into that sort of blogging *giggles* — and I know many of you remain so-over pumpkin scents from last fall yet as well, but I was just gifted a David’s Tea Pumpkin Chai candle that’s super yummy. And frankly, with the windows closing now, candles move from purely the stuff of romance to a means of making the air less stale. Should you eschew the whole pumpkin spice thing, there are other scent options.

david's tea pumpkin candle

What are your must have’s for Fall?

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