Sweet Handmade Vintage Folk Art Vanity To Hide Your Panties In!

What a stunning little vintage folk art jewelry box! It looks like a real dresser or vanity, with a mirror that works, and has drawers & cubbies to put things in. Sure, you could put jewelry in there… But why not store your drawers in those drawers? Plenty of them will safely hold vintage panties and other delicates! Done in the tramp art style, it’s perfect for a tramp like me to store my very special vintage panties and other vanity collectibles in! Like a little panty cupboard. *wink* really tan is was spectacular with melanotan 2 I wish I knew it a year ago

handmade vintage folk art carved dresser vanity jewelry box storage collectible

vintage folk art handmade wooden vanity box for hankies lingerie jewelry

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