Slumber Party, Anyone? (Vintage Babydoll Nighties To Die For – Or At Least Fight Over!)

If you were going to have a slumber party — the kind fantasies are made of, perhaps even with a pillow fight (the sexy slow-motion kind men dream women have — not the stupid kind these boys had) — these are the dreamy babydoll nighties you’d want to wear.

In fact, these vintage babydolls are so fabulous, that pillow fight might be to decide who gets to wear them!

OK, so technically, some may not consider these to be babydolls; they are a bit longer than some babydoll nighties… But seriously, is anyone going to quibble with me over the slumber party fantasy aspect? No, I didn’t think so. *wink*

The primrose (yellow) nightie has two layers of chiffon, trimmed and decorated with embroidered roses, and was made by Max Shwartz for Beau Monde. (Click to purchase &/or see more photos.) The other is a vintage vermilion Vanity Fair nightie — a layer of sheer vermilion (red) chiffon over a peachy tricot underlayer, adorned with large lacy flowers. (Click to purchase &/or see more photos.) Both tasty vintage nylon nighties are modeled — and sold by — the yummy Sara of The Dream Merchants II.

primrose vintage chiffon babydoll by Max Shwartz for Beau Monde

vintage vermillion vanity fair nightie

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