Oh My Gosh, I Think I Have This!

Too excited to go & delicately paw through my collection of lingerie related items, but I’m pretty sure I have a card just like this! Or at least it is on the same theme… When I find the time, I will search and post; meanwhile, feast your eyes on this beautifully illustrated vintage “get well” card for a gentleman featuring all sorts of pinup girls in wisps of lingerie and other cheeky vintage fashions! It’s done in a Little Black Book style, with each page as a profile of a sweetheart, including some risque word play. *swoon* Another gem up for auction by Grapefruit Moon. (If I don’t have this, I need it!)

Some Swell Addresses To Help A Guy Get Well

start peeking vintage pinup get well card

little black book style vintage men's get well card

vintage greeting card with pinups in lingerie

vintage lingerie related ephmera

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