Under Wraps Lingerie Link Round-Up

nude marilyn monroe black cardigan photo by milton greene for life magazine 1953No, I haven’t gone into hiding again — just been very busy! Including with some things I still need to keep under wraps…

One thing I can show you at the moment is that yours truly has been included in a series of questions about dating over at Gracie’s Sex-Kitten site. It’s a bunch of sex workers giving their dating tips and, because I am a PSO, I was included. So far I’ve given my tips for dating safely and good places to go on a first date as well as how to make a good first impression. The series has just begun, so keep an eye out here for more posts.

Also, I had started a few posts in draft. But then I discovered I have a number of these drafts I intend to get back to — but, apparently, never did! I honestly hadn’t realized that I’ve created quite a back log! Oh, so this is what that road to hell paved with good intentions stuff means…

With no further a-do, here’s a breathy-rush of me sharing with you what I have been reading — for ages & ages. *blush* (If you follow me on Twitter, you have might have seen some of these; if you don’t follow me on Twitter, I invite you to join me!)

Look, the return of the dressing gown! (Some of us never stopped, you know!)

Ice skaters wearing lingerie — in sort of a pop-style opera, with costumes by Patricia Field, is: Intimissimi on Ice!

How the Great Blizzard of 1888 Killed the Petticoat, found via @DPopTart.

Bustle covered the opening of Bluestockings Boutique, which specifically caters to the LGBTQIA community.

Teenager Charlotte Robinson invented “snap-on” underwear for people with disabilities. She sells the pretty and practical panties at No Guts No Glory.

Here’s a simple bra infographic.

Go here for lovely antique underthings.

Also at Gracie’s site, see pretty vintage lingerie — on a pinup girl with a real dummy!

Last but not least: Alison Brie in lingerie.

Image Credits: Original 1953 master print photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by photographer Milton H. Greene. From the infamous “nude sitting” (which really was Marilyn wearing nothing but a black cardigan sweater) for Life magazine. The photo was deemed too scandalous and remained unpublished until a 1997 issue of Playboy. Up for auction here, by Grapefruit Moon who always has stellar stuff.

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