Illusion Ruffles & Ruching?

At first glance, the frilly sweetheart bodice of this vintage pink nylon nightgown appears to be ruffled or even ruched chiffon…

vintage frilly bodice neckline bust pink nylon nightgown lingerie

But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the sheer white chiffon is neither ruffled nor ruched.

Between the rows of lace trim, there are actual sections of sheer white chiffon with stripes. The stripes are created by alternating contrasting rows of chiffon, one more typical, the other more open (less tightly woven, almost pierced looking).

vintage frilly chiffon bodice lingerie

The effect of the varying textures gives the illusion of bending & movement, which fools the eye into seeing ruffles and ruching. Clever! You can buy the vintage nightgown here.

vintage pink nylon nightgown with frills

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