In Praise Of The Bare Back

There are many erotic delights to be found in the plunging bare back styles in lingerie and fashion… The curve of the female back leading to more curves… Leaving some mystery while creating desire…


Of course, long before Vikki “The Back” Dougan, many erotic photographs featured such poses. Shown here as proof is a vintage photograph of Blanche Reeves.

vintage bare back risqué flapper Blanche Reeves DeBarron Studios

This risqué photo of the flapper was taken by DeBarron Studios to promote the starlet in the Manhattan Mary. You can buy the actual photo here.

Blanche Reeves manhattan mary vintage broadway erotic photo DeBarron Studios

In fact, the erotic power of a female back need not be nude to stir desires…

In this vintage Paramount promotional photo taken by Eugene Robert Richee, “opera diva turned actress” Gladys Swarthout poses provocatively, proffering her backside “swathed in furs.” I do not think it is an accident that those fur pelts are stitched to create the illusion of not only large fingers cradling her bottom, but also a definite “callipygian cleft.” …Surely I am not the only one who sees that, right?

Butt But even if it is “just me,” it is further proof of the erotic power of the back.

vintage Eugene Robert Richee photo of Gladys Swarthout

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