What’s Better Than Contemporary Stretch Lace Panties? These Vintage Sheer Lace Panties!

If you’re thinking this is an icky stretch lace, it’s not. This is authentic vintage lingerie by Henson-Kickernick! Rather than itchy & ephemeral easy-to-tear stretch lace, the font of these vintage panties are made of a light lace front over sheer chiffon. A similar look to today’s inexpensive stretch lace –but oh so much more beautiful and sensual!

lace front panel vintage Henson-Kickernick panties

Because the lace is only on the front panel, you not only get a full-coverage nylon panty backside, but a nylon gusset as well.

It’s a bit later period Henson-Kickernick, being made of Antron III. However, as you can see from all the fine details, this is quality lingerie. I adore the ribbon weaving and bows — and how the legs are slightly flared for a tap panty look! Get them here.

vintage henson kickernick lacey panties with ribbons

antron III back henson-kickernick panties tap pants style

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