Flapper Boudoir Finds? Well, Knock Me Over With A Feather!

These vintage (nearly antique!) French Flapper boudoir slippers would go so perfectly with that vintage (also nearly antique) silk nightgown Sara wore on the beach! Only, we all know Sara is too savvy to do such a things to such pretty slippers! These beauties arrive straight out of the 1920s — and straight into my heart. Amazingly, they also have their original box.

1920's French Flapper Peach Boudoir Shoes Feathers in original shoe-box

The seller of the fancy feathered slippers also pairs the pair with another amazing vintage boudoir find: this French Flapper dressing gown, also in a peachy pattern with glam peachy feathers and from the 1920s!

flapper boudoir peach

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