Creamy, Dreamy Vintage Van Raalte Slip

A creamy vintage nylon Van Raalte full-slip with taupe lace appliques and trimmed in sheer nylon chiffon. *swoon*

vintage Van Raalte full-slip chiffon hem

The seller (FairOaksAntique aka DPopTart) properly notes the joys of such a slip!

A quality piece, from the fine nylon and adjustable shoulder straps (with metal sliders) to the finishing fashion details. An off-white slip may have been a basic foundation garment (and ought to remain so!), but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be as pretty and fun as can be!

back of vintage Van Raalte full slip

While I won’t knock a Suavette — or any vintage Van Raalte lingerie, for that matter! I must concur with her thoughts on the back of this beauty:

While many fancy Van Raalte’s Suavette line, I find this garment superior — the back is far more finished. While there are no appliques at the hem on back, just look at the beautiful touches of lace applique where the straps are attached!

dreamy vintage creme full slip by Van Raalte

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