“Your Attention, Please! Elastic Band Must be Laundered Correctly”

It may be difficult to imagine, but once upon a time ladies knew just how to launder their fine rayon intimates — but had no idea how do deal with the new-fangled elastic. Proof of this can be found in the packaging of this vintage pair of panties, which is called a “Rayon Scantie.”

how to launder lingerie with elastic bands vintage ephmera

vintage real silk yet nylon scantie panty

Yes, the care literature accompanying this new old stock (NOS) pair of panties also provided care for rayon; but I’m betting most women already knew that.

rayon fabric care instructions vintage ephemera

Today’s shopper may be more confused to find not only that the tricot knit is not nylon, but rayon. And that the panties came from the Real Silk Hosiery Mills, Inc., Lingerie Division, Indianapolis, Indiana, which boasted of being the World’s Largest Manufacturers of Silk Hosiery for Men and Women.

panties from the Real Silk Hosiery Mills vintage scanties package

vintage panty packaging and papers

Personally, I am more confused, again, but the pluralities of panties — while the maker called them a singular “scantie.” I am more comfortable with “scanties” plural. Whatever you call them, I long to feel these vintage panties for myself… I love the full coverage style; but you know that I am all about the feel!

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