Are You A Flower Girl?

You know that old lament, “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” right? Well, single or not, married or not, stop thy pouting! Why not be the prettiest flower girl? She’s the one who starts things off, has all the eyes watching her as she strews those love petals! And this vintage Cira by Gres nightgown sort of captures all of that…

floral vintage nylon lingerie

Sheer chiffon with lots of petals strewn about on it in a classic Grecian style… A faux waist-cincher made of sheer white chiffon — tied with a trio of bows — at the waist… Appliques and an 82 inch wide sweep that would make any bride jealous!

vintage Cira by Gres floral nylon nightgown

appliques and bows on pink and white vintage chiffon nightgown

faux waist cincher style Cira by Gres lingerie vintage

Cira by Gres vintage lingerie

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