A Little Heidi Klum Brightens Everyone’s Day

My girlfriends and I have a firm belief that everything is better with Heidi Klum in it. And now you can brighten your day by putting a little Heidi Klum on — with Heidi Klum Intimates. Last year, Heidi took over what was Elle Macpherson’s lingerie line with New Zealand-based brand Bendon, and the move wasn’t merely one in name. Heidi is the line’s creative director — and, of course, the ad campaign model. Hey, if you have Klum, use Klum. Here are a few of her latest lingerie campaign photographs.



heidi klum intimates purple lingerie stockings 2015

Not only am I super glad to see more of Heidi Klum (and to have her not be with Icky Vicki in any way), I am thrilled to see the size range of the lingerie line. Well, at least the bras, like this super frilly Johana Underwire Bra, which go up to FF cup sizes. There is definitely still some room to grow in the rest of the lingerie label. My fingers are crossed.


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