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I just discovered a little about something lingerie and escorts (and other sex workers). One of my Peck & Call Girl pals, Secondhand Rose, is a former escort turned phone companion. Rose (who also has a new Tumblr!) had a recent conversation with a friend who is still in the escort business. Here’s what Rose shared with me (edited a bit to keep the escort in question from being embarrassed):

Slippy, I just sent a woman to your lingerie blog. She’s an escort who was having troubles with a lingerie fetish client. Apparently he loved the photos of her on her site, wearing lovely (and pricey!) lingerie. But somehow the magic wasn’t just right when they met… It clearly wasn’t so bad, because he did make another appointment to see her. But as he did so, he took great pains to explain that he was a lingerie fetishist and would she please wear something more to his taste next time. She smiled and said she would, but was left more than a bit confused. Trying to be the professional, she reached out and asked for some help. Since there’s no one who knows lingerie better than you, I dropped your name.

What we do know, is that he loves “vintage lingerie.” Which is why she wore a Victorian-styled corset and stockings set. But from what we can gather, there wasn’t enough lingerie, enough fabric… He also is most definitely not a crossdresser, a sissy, or in any category where he wishes to wear it himself. I’m hoping sending her to your site helps, but perhaps you could dish a bit more?

Here’s where I endeavor to help. *wink*

It would certainly help to know more about the specific gentleman and his fetish. And I don’t think her asking him to be more specific would be “unprofessional’; on the contrary, it would show her to be concerned about her client, his tastes, and interests. That’s not to entirely lay the blame on the escort either. For the client bears some responsibility here too. He ought to be clear about his fantasies and desires, especially when they are rather specific. Communication is always so important!

But with the situation as it is currently, here’s what I do know, in a general sense, broken down into three basic points:

1) As noted before, lingerie basically can be divided into two categories: Day wear or play wear.

Savannah Stone pretty bra escorts and babes

Most fetishists, especially those paying for erotic services, are usually seeking the play wear variety as this is something not seen or experienced as often.

While fancy bra and panty sets, corsets, stockings and garters, teddies and the like certainly can be play wear, they — at least not alone — do not hit all the buttons. This is because, generally speaking, a lingerie fetishist is all about the tease.

Amelia Fox red lingerie stockings Escorts and Babes

2) Lingerie is about tease. There’s the anticipation of seeing it, peeling it, revealing another layer — perhaps even another layer, before seeing any of the naughty bits.

Sophie Ann sexy red lace nightgown escorts and babes

Vintage lingerie especially is equal parts reveal and conceal. That’s where the real power is for lingerie lovers, in that sense of mystery. At least some of the thrill lies there… There is more.

3) Lingerie is a sensual experience. Lingerie is as much a tactile experience as a feast for the eyes. While pretty lace looks lovely, tiny criss-crosses of straps are plucky little delights, these fabrics are often not as lovely to touch. He wants to feel the soft silky lingerie, using it to caress the body beneath it. (Just another reason I love to wear it!) Additionally, there was likely not enough of the slinky fabric for him to enjoy.

Julia Paramour Melbourne pleated nightgown Escorts and Babes

Lingerie fetishists love to be able to manipulate the fabric so that it slips and slides along the body of the woman wearing it. Bonus points for layers of lingerie to play with, such as a slinky slip or nightgown gliding over a pair of silky panties. But there’s another reason too.

Scarlett Maison sexy lingerie shoes escorts and babes

To be honest and rather blunt about it, the lingerie worn for a fetishist should have not only enough fabric to slide about the wearer of the lingerie, but enough free fabric to rub and wrap around his member as well.

For all of these reasons, I highly recommend investing in a slinky slip, nightgown, or peignoir. It can be worn over any bra and panty, teddy, corset, etc. and offer all the thrills I mentioned above.

Scarlett Maison black peignoir escorts and babes

Obviously I recommend vintage nylon nightgowns, negligees, and peignoirs — and this site is full of examples! Not only for the mystery vintage lingerie styling provides, and the thrilling touch of nylon, but for some very practical reasons too.

Because nylon washes quite easily, launders very well, there’s no need to worry about special care concerns should the fetishist’s excitement lead to fluids. Nylon even spot cleans easily, when needed. And nylon also dries quickly, without leaving any sort of tell-tale marks — even when spot cleaning, allowing a nightie or peignoir to be ready to get back into action in very little time. Which I imagine would be a great asset in escorting and very worth the investment, even without a lingerie fetishist as a client.

Photo Credits: Real verified photos of escorts in pretty lingerie from Escorts & Babes.

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