Old School Victorian Underthings Mix With Military Looks: Lingerie As Outerwear Fashions

You can take the lady off the prairie, but leave her petticoats alone! Few things are as comfortable — and feminine — in the summer heat as cotton muslin corset covers (or camis) paired with prairie petticoat skirts of the same fabric.

But here’s an idea for taking that dreamy summer look into the fall that comes straight off the northern plains of Fargo, North Dakota


Via Authentic Prairie Style With Vintage Fashions:

Really, what can be more “prairie” than combining the femininity of pretty-yet-practical Victorian underthings with military fatigues & camouflage?




It’s such a lovely, unexpected thing to find… Those feminine Victorian underthings beneath such “masculine” things as camo — and leather too.


Some of the camisoles shown are now up on Etsy.

Antique Cotton Muslin Button-Up Front White Camisole Cami Corset Cover with Crochet Trim Victorian Underthings

As noted on the website:

These old muslin pieces have pure Victorian styling, but likely date from the 1910s or 1920s. As authentic vintage pieces, they have some repairs and other signs of age — but that only serves to make them more charming and truly one of a kind vintage pieces.

I completely agree! I have a few of these old pieces, some too small and/or fragile to wear. But I love looking at the little repairs… Noting the small, neat & tight stitches… Sometimes you can note that more than one person was making the repairs… Their needlework is different. Often, when there is a large difference between the skill and quality of the needlework I wonder… Was this a sign of aging eyes and abilities to sew? Or a progression, as a younger person grew more adept? *sigh* Things I will never know, but love to think about!

Photo Credits: 1st photo is Cindy Sherman‘s Untitled film still #43. The rest belong to We Have Your Collectibles aka Fair Oaks Antiques.

PS I thought I had already shared this fabulous fashion idea; my apologies for slackin’ ;)

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