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Presumably because I am willing to write about human sexuality as well as lingerie, some folks contacted me to see if I would be interested in writing about the adult texting service, Arousr. Yes, that’s ‘Arousr’, not ‘Arouser’ — because in today’s Internet lingo, it is deemed cooler to make up words and drop letters, such as the “e,” in website names. Exhibit A: Today’s most popular blogging platform, Tumblr. (And, hey, Arousr is on Tumblr!) Because I am a sex positive gal, I agreed to take a look at the site.

arousr logoUnlike many other texting services and apps, Arousr not only keeps the real phone numbers of participants secret (by assigning them new digits to call their own), but it requires a photo ID as proof of legal age of their service providers. These are good things to be sure.

Sexting, as you may imagine, is for those with quick fingers — and, as the medium requires, shorter sentiments. Like Twitter, most texting has a maximum message length. This tends to make the messages more… Direct.

While I am personally more partial to longer, more lovely, sessions which work their way from flirting and tease towards the erotic and then on to something more explicit and raw, I do appreciate there are times when less (in words) is more (gratifying) — as well as persons who find cutting to the chase more fun than the chase itself. Plus, to be fair, just because most sexts tend to be more blunt and graphic, it doesn’t actually prohibit good old fashioned tease. It would depend upon you and your partner.

Oh, and speaking of graphics, you can send (and receive) photos and videos too. And, while Arousr mainly promotes its sexting services, users may also find females (as well as bisexual and gay men) for phone sex and video calls too.

arousr for sexting

The site is set up similar to most of the large phone sex sites, with each chat host having a profile page, complete with a bio and several photos. Also on this page is the host’s rate or rates — because they may, or may not, offer all the services available. For example, a girl may only chat/text and provide phone sex, but not do video chat.

Because this is all about the sexting, at least at first, you can participate in Arousr via their very own app.


The Andriod app is free; however, because Google is censoring adult content, including apps, you cannot get it via Google Play but rather must follow the directions to install it as a “Non-Market App.” (Apparently, iPhone users do not need an app, but can access Arousr via the usual text messaging.)

Right now, when you join Arousr, you’ll receive 100 free credits. That should get you 10 free sext messages. What you do after that, is up to you.

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