Really Neat Blogging Award Makes Me Blush!

a really neat blog awardDespite my blogging apathy of late, I was given a nice little blogging award — actually, a Really Neat Blog Award. While it’s nice to be nominated (it really is, thank you, Darla!), I must answer five questions… Five rather intimate questions!

What colours do you like to wear to feel sexy, and why?

Regular readers know it is purple, purple — and more purple!

It’s always been my favorite color. When you feel good, you look good!

You have an unlimited budget and no figure flaws to consider – describe a sexy outfit you’d like to wear.

Obviously I am going to go with a stunning piece of lingerie — something vintage, of course. So that means in this fantasy we are talking about size availability not being an issue either, right? I’d pick nearly anything from my OMG Vintage Lingerie posts… Most specifically anything from the late 1940s through early 1960s, aka The Golden Years of Nylon. In purple, of course!

Even if you only walk from the shower to your bedroom… what do you like about walking around nude?

Good heavens, as a mother, this is simply not allowed. Don’t you know that mothers even shower fully clothed?!

Honestly, being nude even to walk from the shower to the bedroom is a luxury. A luxury to feel like an adult with the freedom to just be for a bit. It’s a rare occasion when we have no kids at home for the night or the weekend to do this or roam about the house in my lingerie, even… It’s been soooo long. *pout*

Is sex more mental or physical for you, how/ why?

I know it may seem like cheating, but I have to say, “Both!” Being a happily married woman, I get to enjoy both at the same time!

What is/ was the best thing about your favourite sexual partner so far?

My favorite sex partner is my husband. …If that were to change, other than illness, I do believe it would signal (if not be) the end of our marriage. Sex is pretty damn important to both of us.

As for “what” is the best thing, I’d say it’s his ability to match my mood. Not just to be “in the mood,” but to match my mood… Be dominant when I want to be submissive, be silly & willing enough to role play when that’s what I’m feeling — and even have a quickie because, well, that’s all I want at the moment. *blush*

Did you tell him or her at the time, or ever?

Oh, yes! Well, maybe not right at the moment it is happening… But we talk a great deal about our sex lives, fantasies, etc., including what makes us each so hot.


Now, as part of my nominee duties, I am to nominate five other bloggers and ask them five questions… But I’m not really sure there are five bloggers I know, other than those Darla has already nominated (or those they have nominated), who would participate in such a thing… Plus, I’d much rather hear from you, dear readers!

If you have a blog, post there; if not, just use the comment section! (If you do have a blog, post a link to where you answered the questions in the comments so I can find it!) Or, if you are too shy, feel free to email me your answers. I promise to keep your secrets!

My questions are:

1.) I know it is difficult (understatement!), but what is your favorite type (bras, panties, slips, etc.) of intimate apparel?

2.) Imagine there are only three pieces of the most stunning lingerie style left on the sales rack… One is too small, one is too large, the third is your size — but not in a color you like. Which one do you choose & why?

3.) If you could have one wish granted by today’s lingerie makers, what would it be?

4.) Do you and your partner have any disagreements over lingerie? If so, what is the biggest one?

5.) What’s the most important thing you have learned or discovered here at A Slip Of A Girl?

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