The Perfect Ring For Those Multicolored Manicures

You may have seen celebrities and fashonistas sporting those multicolored manicures. Kids today are calling this “Skittle nails“. Or “Skittlettes” when the nail polish colors aren’t quite so different. We called them “peacocks” when we were young because when you splayed your fingers, it created a tail which was not unlike tracing your hand as a kid to make a Thanksgiving turkey — just loads more colorful!


Of course, there are more complicated versions, like this multicolored manicure with French tips. And I’ve seen a number of celbs recently who have all but one nails polished in the same color. Honestly, there are lots of variations and possibilities.

If you’ve adopted the look, and you’ve been wondering just how to best play up all those colors, why not opt for this darling peacock ring Greg Michaels? It’s simply stunning on its own too. Like all the jewelry at Greg Michaels, this Panache Ring with Technicolor Crystals is made with truly sparkling Swarovski elements. Psst, Mother’s Day is coming sooner than you think!


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