Exploring Lingerie History With A Visit The Diana Slip Lingerie & Library Of Paris

I spotted this lovely and intriguing ad for the Diana Slip shop in Paris, France, circa 1930s at Etsy.

vintage diana slip ad

Pantalons transparents, ouverts — that likely translates well enough. As for some of the other lovely details, they translate to something like this…

in linen, black lace and tulle. Models “Frou-Frous” gender 1900, white linen with English embroidery. Ultramodern Models black satin, highlighting all the feminine intimates…

Negligees very suggestive, chiffon, tulle and lace.

Along with lingerie, Diana Slip shop also offered books, of an erotic nature, & photographs, the French postcard type. *wink*

In fact, the Diana Slip lingerie shop was part of Les Éditions Gauloise (Publishing Gauloise), which became Les Librairies Nouvelles (The New Book) in 1936 — a network of studios, publishing companies, bookstores, and boutiques started by Leo Vidal. Gorgeous photography was needed, of course. Not only for the risque photographs and naughty magazines (such as Lingerie Libertines & Le Magazine Paris), but for the lingerie catalog and shop advertising. Vidal hired exquisite photographers such as Brassaï, Jean Moral, and Roger Schall to create the beautiful images. Sadly, like so many great things, the company did not survive WWII. But the photographs live on… Perfectly preserving the fetish lingerie styles of the 1930s. So even if we can’t peruse the racks at the Diana Slip shop in Paris, we can get an idea of the sweet somethings which surely must have been there… The images shown below are from eBay. (Try all the links above for various search terms and offerings.)

ouvert pantalons diana slip vintage

vintage panties lace panel on back ouvert paris diana slip

risque diana slip vintage photography

vintage paris france risque fetish lingerie diana slip

vintage frilly panties stockings french photogrpahy DIANA SLIP Brassai Jean Moral Roger Schall

stockings vintage Photogravure DIANA SLIP Brassai Jean Moral Roger Schall

pleated vintage panties DIANA SLIP Brassai Jean Moral Roger Schall

Other than the photos, it is very difficult to find authentic lingerie and other garments sold by Diana Slip. There was a pair of “fetish boots” up for auction awhile ago.

diana slip fetish boots

You can also find out more about the Diana Shop here & here. Also, more on the 1930s styles of lingerie is here. And you can keep up with more photos of Diana Slip and other fabulous lingerie, especially vintage, with me on Pinterest!

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