I’m Seeing Scarlet — In A Fabulous Way!

If there’s been a real complaint against lingerie company Secrets In Lace, it’s that their vintage style lingerie lacks a bit of colorful imagination. Yes, we all need basic black, beige, and white foundation garments. Even red and leopard print are rather basic now. But other than that, the company has focused on pastels. I don’t dislike pastels, by any stretch of the imagination. But just because we are used to seeing vintage lingerie in black and white photos, it doesn’t mean it was lacking in color! That’s why this latest lingerie collection from Secrets In Lace is so thrilling! Look at the pretty baby blue with a rich red!

I could die for the Retro Plunge Bra and Ruffle Trim Garter Belt — but then why not mix in a few pairs of the Full Cut Embroidered Panties and a Bullet Bra. You know, just for a good measure? *wink*

baby blue scarlet vintage style lingerie

SIL Retro Blue Full Cut Panty Bullet Bra

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