Valentine’s Day, Forget The Red & Pink

My favorite color, as you know, is purple. But sometimes purple stones lack sparkle of lighter shades. So when it comes to stones, I am all about the Tanzinite. If you can’t afford the real thing — but want something special that looks a lot like fine jewelry, look at this beauty from Greg Michaels. They offered me a piece to try something from their line, I opted for the Taya Ki Crystal Bracelet in Tanzanite by Greg Michaels. Heaven knows I couldn’t turn down the chance! It’s genuine Swarovski — in my favorite gemstone color! Of course, it doesn’t change my opinion of the jewelry. What’s not to love? Quality made, elegant, and super sparkly! (I must say, the chain and clasp were surprisingly nice too. Not cheap, not rough bits that poke or scratch; but strong enough to not make you fear it will fall off.)


PS I tried to take a photo of myself wearing it, but no luck capturing the brilliance and color. (And I don’t want hubby’s help as I wanted to surprise him when we go out to dinner that night!)

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