Rip-Off Report WARNING: Don’t Do Business With Anything BirchPlace

2011-closeup-birtchplace-rip-offSince 2011, when a crossdressing phone companion of mine introduced me to the company, I’ve been an affiliate of BirchPlace. (If you are not familiar with affiliate programs, being an affiliate of BirchPlace means that I’m to get a tiny percentage of each sale made by folks using my link.) Since that time, the link to has been up in the sidebar of this blog, with text reading “Ignore The Name; Get Custom Lingerie”. However, despite the number of potential customers and actual customers I have sent there over the past three years, the company has ripped me off by not paying me my affiliate earnings & locking me out of my account.

I discovered this when I was unable to login to my account and entered into an unpleasant “customer service” exchange which simply denied the existence of the account, saying “the profile id slipofagirl does NOT exist the email address does NOT exist are we clear now??”


And then it got even worse. After I produced proof of my registration, i.e. the registration confirmation email, no one responded at all.


At no time during the exchanges we had was there any attempt to apologize, appease, explain, or even to direct me to making a new account while things were sorted out. Nothing. …Well, other than the rudeness there was nothing.

Just my empty pockets.

It’s not like I was going to become a millionaire with the percentage; but it was money. Money that allows me to spend more time here blogging. And it was a contract. A contract they broke, money they stole. Unlike Vanessa Fetish, who had her own customer service & payment issues, I did not get my money back.

birchplaceshop-themaidstore-and--thesissystore-are-bad-places-to-shopI know that over the years, via this lingerie blog, chatting with clients and lingerie lovers, and/or via my shopping services, that I’ve made a number of sales. I’ve seen the photos. I’ve watched the prancing on cam too.

But no more — not with BirchPlace property.

Along with, also runs,, and I urge you to avoid them.

If they have no problems running a fraudulent affiliate program, I can only imagine what other untrustworthy things they do.


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