Rhumba Pantie Rumbles…

I do adore rhumba panties, but I’m a bit on the (uncomfortable) fence about the new rhumba panties from Secrets In Lace

pink Rhumba Panty

It’s not just that I prefer authentic vintage rhumba panties. For I honestly appreciate contemporary lingerie makers producing vintage styles — especially in sizes and colors that are difficult to find in true vintage. (And Secrets In Lace rhumba panties are made from size Small to 2XL; in pink, white, and black.) But…

I’m just not a fan of polyester lace… And these panties have more of a square-ish boyshorts sort of a cut, which, while “cheeky”, doesn’t seem quite right to me…

white secrets in lace

You know I prefer vintage nylon and full-coverage panties. I’m guessing the best way for me to know how I feel about them is to feel them on me. *wink* You can gift me a pair by sending me a gift certificate via Gift Rocket. All you need is my email address (found here) and the rest is anonymous for us both!

2xl black lace rhumba panties

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