If I Could, I’d Sing My Thanks

page pinup garters lingerie I know things have been erratic here, and, as always, I truly appreciate those of you who manage to stick around — some of you, like a static-ridden slip clings to stockings (only far sexier!) *wink*

If I could, I would sing a little song for you — and it would go a little something like this…

Somewhere at a lingerie blog, run by Slip
All the dreams that you dreamed of, one big sensual trip

Somewhere at a lingerie blog, friends like you
Help the dreams that I dare to dream, really to come true

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Walk in clouds of chiffon all
Around me
Where nylon melts like lemon drops
Just above the stocking tops
That’s where you’ll find me

At A Slip Of A Girl, fantasies fly
Fantasies fly and there’s lingerie to buy

Our happy fantasies fly,
Lingerie, ribbon, lace, as time goes by

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