This Week’s Beautiful Link Round-Up

What A Slip Of A Girl has been reading this week…

cast of three wallyir1) Check out these pretty — but unusual — pinup photographs! (I can’t help but wonder if men feel rather like the plain wooden artist models next to we beautiful women — at least some of the time!)

2) Hooray! Age is no barrier for Satan’s Angel and other legendary burlesque performers!

3) Did you know Halloween has a long tradition of romance?

4) In this BuzzFeed video, men expose themselves as wildly ignorant to the cost of products women buy — including bras. However, they always guessed the panty prices as more expensive. (I guess that dictates the value of panties, or what they hold, in the hetero male marketplace?)

5) It’s time people stopped freaking out when boys wear dresses — and lingerie, of course!

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