Affordable Digital Marketing Hits Main Street (Which Is Awesome For Small Lingerie Companies & Designers!)

If you thought outdoor advertising was either too expensive or not capable of making a real splash, check out the Zeusvision digital media bus!


These literal outdoor advertising vehicles have 31-foot, full-color, multimedia displaying on either side. Plus, these mighty Zeusvision buses are equipped with on-board technologies, like GPS, cameras, inertial motion sensors, light sensors, eye tracking, gesture tracking, real-time GPU processing, and other tech bits which means that your messages interact with the public in ways never even dreamed of before. For example, the people looking at the Zeusvision bus will actually be on the screen!

This is no small-time thing. Even media giants have used Zeusvision to promote The Ellen DeGeneres Show. See it in action!

Pretty splashy, right? I mean look at all the people staring at the bus, using their phones to capture images, it’s amazing!

Giovanni Wolfgang, CEO of Zeusvision, perhaps states it most simple, “Think of Zeusvision as a huge iPhone™ on wheels that can position itself wherever the client desires, delivering customized multimedia messages and experiences.”

Plus, it’s affordable — and when I say “affordable”, I mean it. Rates start at just $99. (Did you just faint? I nearly did!)

At that low of a cost, nearly everyone and anyone has the opportunity to get their message out. Even in today’s world of mega-media outlets who seem to crowd-out, if not outright control, the media and the messages. (I don’t care what side of the political system you swing to, we can all agree that one message, one voice, is a bad thing, right?) Even little lingerie bloggers like me!

Our message is rather simple: The average person or business owner should be able to get their message out to the most influential groups of people, in the most sought after geographic locations.

Others have done a great job of spelling out the advertising advantages, so I’m going to focus on what this means in a real world way.

Maybe you have a small lingerie company and you can’t afford the time or money to attend the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show. But you really really want to be there. With Zeusvision, you not only can have a fabulous, attention-grabbing bus, but you can target the specific conference area, with your ad on buses only a targeted area. Say only shown on buses within three blocks of the the show at the RIO Hotel. By targeting the folks who attending the lingerie show, your promotional efforts will be seen by lingerie buyers (and others) at the show. You’re not merely seen “in town” at the same time, but in front of your audience!

But that’s not the only use of Zeusvision.

Maybe you don’t have a company; maybe you have a personal message you want to share… From an apology to a marriage proposal, you can use Zeusvision to target not only the location of your loved one, but the time of day when they are likely to be at that location. That means the person you want to see your message can’t miss it!

Honestly, the uses of Zeusvision buses, the types of messages that can be delivered, are only limited by your imagination!

Starting today October 27th, 2014, Zeusvision’s campaign for public advertising begins! You can find out more about the Zeusvision Public launch at (And follow them on Twitter too.)

I am proud to say that I am a strategic partner with Zeusvision — which means I will not only be bringing you some charming & amazing stories of how others have used this powerful personal messaging platform, but I will be trying it myself! (Yes, that’s what this tweet was all about! I might just be be their first fashion test!) So stay tuned! Not only here, but in major cities everywhere — because you never know where A Slip Of A Girl may turn up!



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