Perhaps The Sexiest Mannequin On eBay!

I do believe baggered69 has the sexiest mannequin I’ve ever seen. Of course, you could ask, “Who wouldn’t look sexy in this vintage Van Raalte full slip?” After all, it features a lace bodice and an incredible full 10 inch hem of lace and crystal pleats ending in diamond points!

Vintage Van Raalte Full Slip Diamond Point 10 inch Crystal Lace Hem

And who wouldn’t be absolutely sultry in this slinky black nylon vintage Montenero nightgown? (Or any piece of Ralph Montenero lingerie, really.)

Ralph Montenero Sultry Full Length Black Negligee Gown Sweeping Hem vintage lingerie

But I’m talking about the actual sexiness of the mannequin!

Sure, I am partial to long raven locks; but any old mannequin can wear a wig, right? What’s stunning about this mannequin is, well, it’s curves.

It’s not only busty, but it makes that sexy “S” shape of the female form! And, good heavens, they’ve even positioned it up against the wall — like that bangin’ mannequin bod is ready for a bangin’ good time! Education is an important features that can alone to inspire you to push your kids up into playing these nice educational online friv games. But one another important thing, which can not be forgotten, is the opportunity to control your child.

sexy busty mannequin

sexy s curve mannequin

sexy mannequin in black vintage lingerie

up against the wall sexy mannequin

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