Lingerie Link Round-Up: News, Rants & Gossip!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging (and my phone work) regularly now that the kids are settled into school. I had not intended to take so much time away, my dears, especially as my children are no longer so little. But as the kids get older, you find yourself taking advantage of every bit of time they do opt to spend with you — because you know one day, they won’t! (Not until a number of years pass and they discover the need for family again, anyway.) Plus there was the whole work for some cash thing too. So here I am, trying to play catch-up.

Again. *sigh*

To that end, here’s a bunch of loose threads (started posts) that need tying up as well as some links to new bits and bobs known as the link round-up.

1) Remember when I showed you Miss Filthy lingerie? Well, there’s more to that story. And it’s not swell.

Last spring, Miss Filthy received press for bilking Lindsay Lohan. Not one to completely trust the Daily Mail, I recorded the episode of Lindsay on OWN and watched it myself. Watching that show keenly, especially the parts surrounding the lingerie photoshoot, I felt the anti-Lindsay interpretation was unfair. I’m not saying Lindsay is without her troubles; but it’s pretty clear that people — including the Miss Filthy folks — take advantage of her in many ways, not the least of which is parlaying her celebrity and troubles into press for themselves. In fact, the more “train wreck” they can depict the woman is, the more press they get.

Perhaps I am reading too much into things? I might be. The person who alerted me to the lingerie line, Silent Porn Star (NWS), was treated shabbily by Miss Filthy’s parent company, Filthy Gorgeous Media aka Jerrick Ventures. But you didn’t hear that here. Oh, heck, ya sure did. I am sick and tired of companies treating bloggers so poorly. (And that’s a hint that I’ve got a huge rantie on the horizon!) All things considered, I’m no longer a Miss Filthy fan. There are plenty of other lovely lingerie companies which do not exploit talent, be it models or bloggers.

2) Who wants to take me to the theatre — in Portland?

Now playing at the Artists Repertory Theatre is Lynn Nottage’s play Intimate Apparel — and this is from Broadway World review:

Intimate Apparel begins with Esther, a 35-year-old single black woman in 1905. Her father was a slave, and she picked cotton until she made her way to New York City at seventeen. She lives alone in a boarding house and sews fancy undergarments for society wives and prostitutes alike, buying her fabric from a gentle Romanian Jew who sets aside his best fabric for her. Esther somehow receives a letter from a man working on the Panama Canal, a native of Barbados who says he knows someone from her church and has heard fine things about her. She wants to write back but is illiterate, so her clients offer to help.

…While we’re made aware of the constraints placed upon the people of 1905, the women being laced into their tight corsets, the Jew unable to touch a woman he’s not related to, we also see the constraints they place upon themselves. Esther lives by strict rules; she sews her money into the quilt on her bed, saving up till she can open a beauty parlor of her own. She goes to church. She’s never been with a man. She listens to Mayme, the prostitute, talk about her clients and cannot imagine that life, nor can she understand Mrs. Van Buren’s complaints about her wealthy husband. Mrs. Dickson, who runs the boarding house, keeps urging Esther to socialize and find a husband, but Esther isn’t willing to settle for just anyone. Eventually the man she’s been writing to, George Armstrong, shows up in New York wanting to marry her – and that’s just Act One.

How delicious does that sound?! Tickets, please! (For the show and airplane ride to it lol)

3) Speaking of lingerie-related travel…

On the 19th, the Undress Me: A Peek at 19th and 20th Century Undergarments exhibit opens at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. This exhibit contains vintage photographs of women in lingerie from the Kinsey Institute art collection paired with corsets, slips, brassieres, and other articles of clothing on loan from the Sage Collection.

4) Speaking of “showy”…

Is lingerie that lights up a bright idea?

5) Last Valentine’s Day (I told you I was playing some serious catch-up!) American Apparel made news for their “mannequins with unkempt bikini lines.”

In case you were wondering, “unkempt” is an insulting way to refer to what is not only perfectly natural but perfectly beautiful. Yup, some men actually like it.

Exhibit A: On Craig Ferguson’s show (February 4, 2014), Megan Mullally admitted that she still has a bush. “How very Studio 54 of you,” quipped Ferguson. No matter, Mullally’s husband, the ever irresistible Nick Offerman, likes it just fine!

6) Meanwhile, the censorship of female bodies continues…

Schools continue to police how female students dress rather than address unwanted male attentionstill. Only now, the girls themselves get it! Check it out! Was I ahead of my time ranting about this 5 years ago? No. It still seems impossibly misogynistic to even have this be a problem or policy in this century.

Also, adult women are not allowed to flaunt their bods either. Sure, Mayim Bialik is (primarily?) talking about advertising that anyone can see, such as billboards. But when did a woman’s body become something you have to explain? Yah, sure, youbetcha I am aware of our culture’s use and misuse of sex and the female form to sell products (among other things); but this Bialik rant was too personal, like an attack on one woman for her “poor choices.”

busty redhead camgirl kaylee pond7) Speaking of female empowerment through display of their own bodies…

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for — discovering just who is the fetching redhead in the photo in this post! Sadly, it is not me — it’s camgirl Kaylee Pond (NWS) who is featured in a charming interview series at Sex Kitten (NWS).

Among the details she exposes are bra troubles:

I’m a 36F! I often wear bras that are too small for me during shows because it can be tough to find affordable and pretty bras once you go over D or DD. The “bursting out” effect is often quite fun, though!

It can be quite, err, titillating to look at, but I do want the busty beauty to be comfortable! I think the best way for me to support her in her work and her life is to help her find bras that fit her bosom, personality, and budget. I am taking it on as a mission. (And I have an upcoming post that just may help!)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go help Ms. Pond go find a properly fitting bra. (Envy me, don’t you!)

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