Two-Tone Legs (Fashion Hosiery History)

Hosiery lovers might well recall this photo used by Gerbe Paris to promote their brightly colored Futura 40 tights. Seeing a different color on each leg, with two different colored peep-toe toe pumps no less, was quite striking.

gerbe paris futura 40 opaque tights

And you’ve probably seen the “jester tights“, which is an ultra mod way to add color to black and white ensembles, or play with color-blocking.

jester color blocked tights leggings

Well, as almost always, this isn’t new. It dates back to the 80s — and I’m not even talking about retro 1980s either. I mean the 1880s.

From July 29, 1881, comes this bit of news from the Bismark Tribune:

The notion of wearing stockings of different colors seems likely to become general in London, says “Trifler,” in Sunday Times, of that city. “An old friend tells me he saw a short petticoat lassie of thirteen the other day in a white dress with blue ribbons. Moreover, the damsel wore one blue stocking and one white, a blue rosette on one shoe and a white one on the other. He says the costume was altogether charming. I should not be at all surprised to hear that this new idea had become fashionable.”

Thanks to Deanna for sending that on over!

1881 two colored stockings

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