Lingerie & Fashion News Link Round-Up

Spent most of the past few weeks working — including helping a lady identify, label and price the vintage lingerie at her estate sale. A lot of work, and handling all the vintage silk, nylon, and rayon was definitely bittersweet, but it is nice to be appreciate for your knowledge!

140514-prom-dress-1601_f63306f390c04639bcdb9f3dbe9c8851Here’s some (mainly contemporary) lingerie and fashion news for you!

Frankufotos Lingerie Appreciation sent me a link which reminded him of “one of your best Ranties posts“. It’s about that 17 girl who was so ogled by dads chaperoning the prom dance that she had to be kicked out. That’s her in the image there at the left. Like Frankufotos said, some things never change. *sigh*

Kiss Me Deadly has a crafty little competition — with big prizes!

Check out Eberjey’s Summer collection: bedecked with sweet classic lingerie touches, like leaf-patterned lace and satiny bows.

Speaking of Summer… Fashion Bust is featuring swimwear: Vintage styles and the best picks for those with bigger bust lines.

Shelley of Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie mentioned A Slip of a Girl in her Top 10 Lingerie Blogs list. Good reading — and thanks for the kind words!

See Kiss Me Deadly’s swim and lingerie in action this La Maupin photoshoot video:

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