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Remember the Ultimate Panty Survey? Well, the original survey site lost the data, then found it, but it was no longer in the original format which provided neat analytics and graphics, so this lady is stuck working Excel. That’s what’s been keeping me so busy during the spare time I normally blog.

Meanwhile, I’ve been compiling a long list of links to post. But the time is flying by, so the best I can do is share them with a few quick comments.

Now yoga pants are reminding me of my ire regarding reactions to bra straps in schools.

A 62 year old woman becomes a lingerie model — hurray!

A bra that counts on technology to determine love seriously has me wondering what happened to respect and waiting for a woman to say, “Yes.”

Meanwhile, I am otherwise feeling seriously in the pink — as the future posts will show. *wink* How about you?

sexy panties flower

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