Call Me Miss Filthy!

Silent Porn Star (NWS, as the name implies), alerted me to this line of lingerie: Miss Filthy. While most of the pieces from the SS14 collection are not yet available, I just had to show them to you! They are full of vintage style — even if the names are a bit confusing to we vintage lingerie connoisseurs. (Why not call an open bottom corselette or girdle what it is?)


pointella structured shaping skirt miss filthy lingerie

white lace pointella conical structured bra


Coquette-Strapless-Top miss filthy black lace bustier

nina hi-waist open butt panty black

shaper sheer skirt open bottom corsolette with garters lingerie

sexy black miss filthy lingerie

devina cutout panty miss filthy


SIMPLE-SHEER-BODY miss filthy lingerie


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