This Week’s OMG Vintage Lingerie: Sexy Goddess Edition

At first glance you might dismiss this vintage nightgown as not being worthy of the “This Week’s OMG Vintage Lingerie” pick. But that would be a mistake. A HUGE mistake.

vintage 70s 1-shoulder nightgown sheer black nylon

Do not mistake “elegance” for “boring”. For there are hidden delights in the simplicity of a mod take on the classic Grecian goddess style, playing up the one-shoulder look with cutting-edge asymmetry — but softening it with a generous mod flower made of black nylon laces (which seduce the viewer into thinking that just one little tug will have the whole thing undone — but it won’t! What a tease!)

Do not mistake “all black” for “solid black”, either. For what’s that?! Look! There, along the asymmetrical bodice, a layer of very sheer black nylon! Naughtily exposing a breast in a most visually distracting way…

And we have not even got to the idea — the mere idea — of what it would feel like to wear this soft silky sheath of black nylon…

Dare you?

asymmetrical goddess black nylon nightgown vintage lingerie

vintage black asymmetrical goddess nylon nightgown

asymmetrical shoulder vintage nightgown lingerie black

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