This Week’s Lingerie News Link Round-Up — Now With More Sex!

vikki dougan wet in lingerieVikki Dougan may be all wet in this photo — but this profile of the model and starlet known as “The Back” isn’t! (Lots & lots of info and images!)

Can anyone help Jaynie identify this Gina Lollobrigida photo? (And who doesn’t want those pantyhose?!)

Hanesbrands is happy with their acquisition of Maidenform in October last year.

In Men, Casinos Are Betting The Pretty Employees Will Screw You Out Of Your Money, Shawnee shows us some studies about the affects of men seeing women in (and the handling of!) lingerie.

Could this t-shirt be the modern version of a corset?

Ever wonder just how colder weather affects love, romance, and sex? Gracie tells us What’s Behind Winter Romance.

Student activist Amulya Sanagavarapu launches a line of consent-themed underwear to get people talking about sex:

Sanagavarapu, who is finishing up her final semester at the University of Waterloo in Canada, was inspired by a prank from activist group FORCE, which advertised a fake line of “consent panties” from Victoria’s Secret last year. When it was clear that no existing companies were making moves to create the undies — despite obvious interest from would-be consumers on Twitter — Sanagavarapu decided to step up and do it herself.

UK Government and retailers to aid garment workers:

The 12 firms, including Tesco, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, will provide a range of educational and training programmes to benefit more than 700,000 workers and farmers in Kenya, South Africa and Bangladesh.

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