Is This Lingerie Or?

At first glance, this Norma Kamali collection looks like lingerie — or clubwear. But it’s not.

kamali jog bra Normal Kamali Mesh Active Wear

kamali FULL SLEEVE BASEBALL JACKET interactiveactive active wear Norma Kamali Black Fitness

It’s the just launched Norma Kamali active line called InterActiveActive or IAA:

Norma launches her new active collection IAA featuring cool, modern styles with attention to fit and form. This is real design for a real workout.

Active clothing is a lifestyle. Comfort and fit with an understanding of the body is Norma’s expertise. Her experience in the swim, fitness world, as well as years of doing costumes for dance makes this collection part of her DNA.

…She is excited to present this updated collection of clothes that everyone really wears including Normal Kamali herself. She works out every day and personally appreciates comfort, function, good design and fit.

As striking as this new Kamali line is — and it is striking! — I struggle with the concept that this line is about fitness working out.

I’m not into body shaming, so this isn’t about the size of the models, the limited size range (most pieces are only available in sizes XS through M or L), or even really about how ill-supportive that “Jog Bra” looks. No, this is about the bloody impracticality of this line of active wear. As a general rule, I adore Norma Kamali. (Who doesn’t like her Stop Objectification Project?) But just what is a “Racer Tee Deep V Fishtail Gown” and what does it have to do with working out?


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