Lovechild Boudoir

Handmade to order corsets, corset accoutrement, and other beauties from Lovechild Boudoir. I know I should spell-out some of the lovely features of these pieces, but (aside from mentioning that made to order means plus sizes too — and that they do carry authentic vintage lingerie pieces) why not let the pictures speak their thousand words?

Perhaps my favorite is the very versatile, very sexy, VV Dark Angel Satin Bustle or Cape! (Would wearing both be overkill? Who cares! I love the black dramatic frills!)

…But then again, it might just be the VV Carnivale Queen Bustle Skirt — with the Cameo corset by Lousie Black. (Looks like something one would wear in the boudoir of a Burton film!)

In any case, I’m thinking “bustle skirt”… And I’m definitely in love with Lovechild Boudoir!

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