A Passion For Vintage Vandermere By Olga

Olga nightgown designs for Vandermere lingerie can be quite stunning. Just look at this stunning vintage Vandermere by Olga nightgown in “viola” — a spectacular shade of purple.

The bodice is nearly all lace, including the wide shoulder straps, which continues onto the back. 

Has spandex ever looked so ladylike? I think not! This nightgown is for sale at MidnightGlamour.com (and I heartily thank Marilyn for the permission to share the photographs!).

Of course, there were other styles of Vandermere nightgowns too and many with the look of Olga if not the label. Like this vintage set of a short nightie and peignoir in teal.

Dixie Dallas says here that Olga sold her design rights to Vandermere; however, as Vandermere was a J.C. Penney lingerie label (roughly 1986 to 2008), I rather doubt that…

Most likely, the Olga line, in the hands of Warner’s (Warnaco) since 1984, was just pushed through Warner’s distribution channels to Penney’s (and possibly other chains, as Warner’s had been distributing via Penney’s, Sears, and others since the late 1950s). Sadly, I have not as of yet been able to track down definitive proof of the actual relationship between Olga and Vandermere; I continue to hunt for it. (Another research item on the list! lol)

In any case, your eye may be right recognizing Olga’s design-hand even if the Olga tags and RN numbers are not to be seen.

Here’s a Vandermere label (via Voila Vintage Lingerie), to help you identify pieces.

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