The Smart Is Sexy Lingerie Link Round-Up

Smart most certainly is sexy! Here are some links to what I’ve been reading — to keep you informed about what you wear when you disrobe. *wink*

April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so I must mention the anti-rape underwear which will not only literally shock attackers who don’t keep their hands to themselves — but notify police as well.


On the other hand, if you’ve permission to touch but the physics of distance prevents you… Durex unveils Fundawear, Internet touch underwear for long-distance lovers.


Good news for crossdressers? Being dubbed as a “finally”, Homme Mystere has launched a lingerie tailored for men. Frankly, it’s not the first company to do this — I’ve covered others here over the years. But this line is getting a lot of buzz for appearing at the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show. Brent Krause, who started the line with his wife, Lara, says he was inspired to make the lingerie line for men when he “got tired of guys’ underwear… it’s always the same — cotton boxers and trunks — and all pretty ordinary.”

The sentiments are familiar, echoing the laments of the crossdressing men who read here; but I have to wonder if lingerie made for men holds the same thrill as it does to put on ladies’ underthings… CD gents, now is your time to let your comments shine!


From the “Do I really have to tell you this?!” files: Birth control is most definitely NOT like long underwear, Mr. Potter — and anyone else who would agree with Michael Potter, the Eden Foods’ CEO. I could only spit and sputter when I heard the latest in the unbelievable assault on women’s health care and rights. Sane persons may also wish to sign the petition to end the law suit — it is likely more helpful than spitting and sputtering, at least for your own sanity.


The Lingerie Lesbian shares the real truths behind bra shopping site True & Co.. You may recall that I was suspicious of them myself, especially as many quality online shopping sites will let you purchase multiple bras and make returns anyway.


Speaking of poor-fitting bras…

You know that I often discuss body image here at A Slip Of A Girl, especially as it relates to garment sizes and how limited sizes, in any direction, literally depresses people. Perhaps nowhere is this more true in fashion than in lingerie, for properly fitting bras and other foundation garments are the foundation of well-fitting fashions. How can you feel comfortable in your own skin if what’s to clothe it simply doesn’t fit? Rightly or wrongly, how a woman looks in her clothing is also a large part of social acceptance — not from mythical “catty women,” but in terms of society at large. Which means there’s a whole lot of potential negative consequences if you aren’t dressed appropriately. (Just ask Elisabeth Dale if you don’t believe me!)

While I do appreciate how limited sizing (and poor fit of those sizes) works in all directions, up and down the sizing scale, it is a simple matter of math to arrive at the fact that this issue disproportionately affects people who need larger sizes: We are, collectively, growing larger — obese even. Which brings me to the news that fashion retailers, brands, and manufacturers are finally coming to terms with this reality.

They are calling this the problem of hitting a “moving target” in fashion size and fit, and the article explains the realities as well as the difficulties. As always, this, I say, is an opportunity for quality lingerie designers and companies to seize.


Check out this bra comic series. It’s funny because it’s sad and true. How many of those do you know too well?

Image credits: Sarah White wearing eyeglasses and stockings, via Smoke & Mirrors; both sites are NWS.

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