Feeling Springy: The Daxon £200 Outfit Challenge

As a member of the Daxon Blogger Network, I was invited to participate in their outfit challenge. The challenge was to stay within a £200 limit to create an outfit. That seems easy with Daxon’s prices — but there are two reasons this was such a challenge for me: A) I’m in dire need of forcing a little spring sunshine into my dismal world (and therefore likely to go more than a little crazy) and B) I’m insistent that an outfit includes lingerie. *wink* But I did succeed! (Now, will I actually win the contest? I hope so!)

While dressing means the right foundation garments, an outfit naturally begins with the outerwear. I began looking for a spring dress; something flirty, but wearable in the real world. As soon as I saw this jersey knit dress, with it’s vibrant blue (looks rather periwinkle to me!) and feminine drape, I was instantly smitten — and had to wonder why they call it a Plain Jersey Knit Dress? Name aside, I think it’s pretty as can be! (And it sure will show off The Girls!)

A sweet pair of beige Pediconfort® Mary Janes, with leather uppers and a comfy heel for day wear, will put a spring in my step.

Now for the foundation garments. (Hooray!)

Starting at the top, a Miss Mary Of Sweden® Ladies Wired Bra. Love the lace and the wide shoulder straps — pretty and practical.

The white pull-on girdle has sexy styling.Don’t you just love the little lace down the front? *Squeal*

Of course, the attached suspenders (garters, for those of us in the USA) means stockings are a must-have. (Aren’t they a “must have” anyway? *giggle*) I must confess, I’ve been curious about their stockings… Twenty-denier, smooth knit stockings — with incorporated micro-capsules containing frescolat (which is similar to menthol) so they have a cooling effect, chlorophyll for deodorizing, and shea butter for moisturizing and nourishing action. It should be a treat just to wear them!

Last, but certainly not least for this woman, is a slip. But not just any slip: Nylstar® Ladies Lace Slip, in lilac. Satiny Nylstar with princess seams!

PS I also really like this cardigan — in purple, of course!

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