Lingerie In Culture Link Round-Up

Just two links this very-busy-because-the-kids-are-home week — but they are deep links, if you know what I mean. (Lots of thinking!)

Artist Rachelle Beaudoin on Kathleen Hanna’s “Slut” proclamation and co-opted sexuality: “Artist Rachelle Beaudoin examines the female identity in popular culture using commercial icongraphy. Challenging what is presented as mainstream feminine sexuality, Beaudoin’s take on figure-shaping and labeling is as jarring as it is thought-provoking.”

Lingerie, Women and Eroticism: A Brief Study of the 21st Century Agent Provocateur Woman: This is Part 1 (of two parts) on Agent Provocateur, Discourse and Performativity.

Image: Eberjay’s Fanny Teddy.

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