You Simply Must See!

My friend Deanna‘s daughter, Allie, has just started her foray into selling online by listing this dreamy peach Vanity Fair nightgown with lace overlay on the bodice, sheer straps that look knotted, and dual layers of nylon skirting — sheer pleated chiffon over silky nylon tricot!

Her first item up for sale is not only beautiful and straight out of the Golden Age of lingerie (note the embroidered blue cloth label), but involves the heartwarming story of daughter stealing-it-from-under-the-nose of the mother! Mom and daughter went to a thrift shop and daughter asked the mother if she should invest in buying it for the purpose of reselling it. Mom, ever dutiful, told her she should and then confided how she hasn’t run across a piece as lovely as this vintage Vanity Fair nightgown in many a year!

This is indeed a rare find. I was lucky enough to hold it in my own hands for a while and know it is the monochromatic version of this lovely two-tone Vanity Fair piece (which sold for $185 at Dorothea’s Closet). So who ever gets this piece is getting a deal!

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