This Week’s OMG Vintage Lingerie: The Creation Of A Romantic Dream Edition

I would be remiss in being your vintage lingerie miss if I didn’t show you this. Sure, it’s an absolutely gorgeous vintage glamour girl gown — but please do take more than a moment to notice and admire the handiwork that went into the creation of this dream. (That’s an invitation to click the pics and see the details!)

 Sheer ecru lace above a fitted waist from which pale peachy-pink charmeuse satin romantically drapes your hips and falls to the floor…

Notice especially how the sheer ecru lace is cut into multiple pieces and sewn together to create exquisite fit — and then it is even pleated for pleasing perfection! This is not some simple triangle of a bra cup thing; this is textile art. And you can wear it!

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