Jane Pain Indeed

Jane Pain is no plain Jane. The design-oriented luxury lingerie label is the work of self-taught Argentinean designer Patricia Salinas. When the label arrived in London in Fall of 2008, it did so with a mighty “Bang!” With the 2009 Spring/Summer line, Psycho Candy, the label produced some of the most provocative lingerie and promotional photos.

These photographs, of course, would pale in comparison to Jane Pain’s campaign of this past Summer. The 2012 Summer advertising campaign featured truly suggestive photographs by Natasha Ygel which were manipulated for modesty, i.e. to obstruct female genitalia. No mere “safe for work” campaign, but a truly clever advertising campaign which would win Argentina’s highest advertising prize, the Lapiz de Oro, in 2012.

Why are these ads so damn good? They exploit the exacting tease power of lingerie, something Jane Pain went to great pains to spell it out for all with the tagline, “What you can’t see is all you want to see.”

Salinas’ understanding of the power of lingerie is no surprise to me, for prior to turning her sights on lingerie Salinas was a sociologist. Call me biased for a similar educational background; but the fact is there are benefits in understanding humans, their social activity, structures, and functions, when it comes to designing lingerie and bringing it to market.

While Jane Pain may appear to be specializing in more erotic lingerie designs, there’s also a clear nod to vintage, including sweeter looks.

Sadly, Jane Pain is not easy to find or purchase in the USA. Not only that, there’s no information about the exact size range available. *sigh* Savvy American lingerie shops, online and off, should contact Lunaventi for further information and distribution. And somebody, please, provide details on Jane Pain sizes — it’s killing me!

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