Seeing Is…

You have to see this to believe it: clear plastic waist cinchers by Lovesick Corrective Apparel.

Officially called the Clear Plastic Vicious Cincher, the pieces must be custom designs as I do not see them listed at the website. You can see more fantastic corset and cincher designs from Lovesick (and others) in these promotional videos for Sutherland Models by Christopher Wadsworth:

Lovesick also makes clear plastic and lace accessories, such as these collars (otherwise called neck corsets or posture collars).

Here they are again, modeled by the lovely Jade Vixen in Marquis. (Photos by Peter Czernich.)

(Note the great article on body image too!)

Jade Vixen also wears Lovesick’s beige coutil back brace, skeleton bra, and faux leg braces in the new Depeche Mode video Heaven, which was released January 30, 2013:

More photos can be found at the Lovesick Corset blog too.

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